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Fire Alarms Save Lives - Make Sure Your System Works

A fire alarm detects fire at an early stage so as to afford the time needed to evacuate the building quickly and safely while also providing the additional time needed for the Fire Brigade Service to arrive. A Fire Alarm is a vital “life safety system”, which can be used to also protect your property.

No one can ignore the shrill scream of a fire alarm at work. It signifies danger and lets everyone on your premises know that they should make their way to safety. So, fire alarms save lives. The question is…will yours?

As the responsible person, you are legally obliged to ensure that fire alarms are installed at your premises to government standards. All our fire alarms meet this standard, keeping you legally compliant and giving you the reassurance of knowing that should the worst happen, your system will identify danger, raise the alarm and help to save lives.

At AFD Electrical, we install our systems to the most current standard and we also provide complete professional maintenance service as is required by law.

Often Fire Alarms depend on your buildings “fire certificate” and the system will then be required to be installed on a statutory basis. However, for older buildings, we can provide you with a complete advisory, design, installation and commission service with the necessary certifications upon completion.

Fire Alarms - AFD Electrical

Different Types of Fire Alarm Systems


Conventional fire alarms are typically found in small to medium size developments. Conventional systems tend to be cheaper to install than that of Addressable systems. However, they lack the many important features that addressable system has. A Conventional system will indicate the location of a fire, by indicating on the fire control panel the “Zone” that has activated. This zone may only be named as the “First Floor” with no other detail as to the specific location of the fire. The search area in fact could be as large as 2,000 metres in accordance with the standard.


Addressable systems are typically found in larger Buildings or Developments where locating a fire would be very difficult, so the purpose of an addressable system is to provide the exact location and as much detail as to the seat of the fire. Addressable systems are quite capable of providing the zone name i.e. “First Floor”, the device name i.e. 001, and also the exact device location e.g. Apartment number 15.

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