Different Lights That You Can Get Installed In Your Home

Different Lights That You Can Get Installed In Your Home

Install different light bulbs in your home to save money and energy! CFLs, LED bulbs, and incandescents all have their advantages, but sometimes you just have to try something new. This guide will tell you everything you need to know about different kinds of light bulbs so that you can make an informed decision next time you’re in the store.

5 Different Light Bulbs

Here are 5 common and popular light bulbs for your house!

LED Lights

LED lights have come a long way in the past decade, and today’s LED lights are better than ever. They’re more energy-efficient, last longer, and provide better lighting than the incandescent and fluorescent lights we’re used to. But just because they’re better doesn’t mean you should rush out and buy them.

Compact Fluorescent Bulbs

The world is changing, and so is the way we light our homes. For decades, we’ve used incandescent and fluorescent light bulbs to provide that all-important illumination. 

But today, a new solution is changing the way we light our homes: CFL bulbs. Unlike incandescent and fluorescent bulbs, CFL bulbs are much more energy-efficient and longer-lasting.

CFL bulbs have been around for a long time, but they have never really caught on. The technology has gotten better over the years, but the basic design has remained the same. These bulbs are still not quite as bright as incandescent bulbs, but they are close.

Halogen Bulbs

Halogen bulbs are not a new invention. In fact, they have been on the market for decades. They were originally used as a form of lighting, but today we use halogen bulbs for a variety of different purposes. From headlights to light bulbs, halogen bulbs are becoming increasingly popular.

Halogen bulbs are a type of incandescent light bulb that generates a lot of heat. They are similar to conventional incandescent bulbs, but instead of using filament wire to generate light, they use halogen gas to help generate light and create a bright white light. 

Because they’re so similar to conventional incandescent bulbs, they’re a more affordable option than other types of lighting, such as LED lights. They also last a long time, making them a great option for a primary light source in a home or business.

Smart Bulbs

The light bulbs that we’re all used to are being replaced with smart bulbs, which can be controlled using a smartphone app. You can turn your lights on and off, change their brightness and color, and even set the lights to turn on automatically at certain times of the day. 

Some smart bulbs can also be paired with other smart home devices to make your house even smarter. For example, you can set your smart bulbs to turn on when motion is detected, so your lights will turn on automatically when you walk into a room.

Modern Edison Bulbs

You’ve probably seen the modernized versions of Edison bulbs at some point in your life. They’re the ones that are made of glass instead of being made of plastic, and they have a filament inside. 

They’re a lot more expensive than the traditional Edison bulbs, but they’re also a lot more efficient. They provide you with soft, white light, which is great for reading, and they don’t give off a lot of heat, which is great for the environment.

Get These Lights For Your House

If you are thinking of setting up these lights, go ahead and do it right now! If the installation seems too hard, we recommend hiring a professional electrical service team or individual for the job.


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