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Why You Should Hire A Residential Electrician: Top 5 Reasons

An electrical service is crucial for any large firm or industry. While hiring individual electricians can help sometimes, it is better to invest in an electrical contractor service. These services focus on providing services on a large scale, making it the best option for businesses and organizations. 

If you are looking for such an electrical contractor in Cork, you just found them! AFD Electrical is one of the top electrical contractor services in all of Ireland, and we provide our services all over Cork.  

Commercial Electrical Service

If you are starting a new business, you will need someone to do your wiring, installing electronics, installing emergency power supplies, etc. An Individual electrician can only do so much in such a situation. This is why, we offer our services to such businesses on a contractual basis. 

We will sign a contract with businesses and do all their electrical work, and they have to pay us based on that contract. This gets the job done way sooner than you’d expect and that too with efficiency!

Agricultural Electrical Service

Aside from commercial areas, we also show our expertise in the agricultural industry. A lot of times, many farms and cultivation firms call us to install various machinery so that the productivity of those farms increases. 

We are always an advocate of using technology to cultivate crops, so we sign a deal with these farms to install everything, upgrade where there’s the need for it, and also advise on new things to incorporate. It’s actually more affordable than it seems, and the farmers heavily benefit from this. 

Industrial Electrical Service 

On top of that, we also do heavy duty electrical work on a contractual basis for big industrial firms. From doing the wiring and/or rewiring of big machinery in large factories to getting them installed and checking if they work properly or not, we do it all!

Besides, we also run maintenance checks to ensure they are running smoothly and fix any issues that may arise. Big manufacturing firms hire us and sign a contract to have us provide our electrical services to them.

Well-Skilled Electricians Get The Job Done

Our electricians are very skilled and experienced, which makes them qualified to do these heavy-duty jobs. We provide our services to big firms knowing that we will be able to deliver quality electrical service with efficiency.m

We Are Based In Waterford, But Serve All Over Ireland

Although our company is based in Waterford, we operate in Cork, Dublin, and other cities in Ireland as well. So, regardless of where you live, we will offer our service to your business. 

Reach Out To Us And Use Our Services 

When it comes to an electrical contractor in Cork, no other service can rival AFD Electrical. So, if you are in need of such a contractual service, be sure to contact us and let us discuss on what your requirements are before we get started with work. 


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