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Why Calling A Professional Emergency Electrician Can Be Lifesaving

Finding a good electrician in Mallow is like finding a needle in a haystack. In fact, finding one anywhere in the world is really hard. Most electricians either have very little skill or ask for exorbitant amounts.

Any business is founded on a desire to fix a problem and the same goes for AFD Electrical. We saw the issue we just mentioned and thought that should not be the case. That is why we dedicated ourselves to getting you the best electrician when you need it.

That mission seems like a tough one but we wouldn’t say we’re too far off. Every single one of our hires is ready to address any of your issues. The reason for this is that our screening process before hiring them is extremely strict.

So you must be wondering what this metric ensures we only hire the best domestic electricians. Let’s walk through it together.

Our Criteria

You deserve the best and to make sure you get it, we only hire those who believe are qualified. We decided to let you know what we believe makes someone a good electrician to give you an idea of what kind of service you are going to receive from us.

Skill Comes First

A lot of contractors look for experience first. We do not believe in this philosophy. Some people’s skills age like fine wine.

However, there is a fair chunk of people who become less proficient over the year. Their skills age like milk. Actually no, cheese is delicious actually. They age like bananas. No one likes rotten bananas.

That’s we don’t judge electricians on how much they’ve worked. Honestly, what would you rather have; A Lionel Messi straight out of the academy or an experienced disappointment like Stephen Ireland? We’ll let you take your time like that.

It’s not like we’re hiring greenhorns. The level of skill we need an electrician to have is quite high and no newbie is likely to be able to meet that standard. They need to have skills in both industrial and domestic wiring. 

We’re not saying we don’t give them a fair shot though, some people are just naturally talented but talent alone isn’t enough.

Attitude Matters

This is incredibly important for us. We only hire those with a suitable outlook on their job. This is why those with more experience are preferable.

Skills may not develop much over the year but people do learn a lot about dealing with clients over the years. As a company that puts its customers first, we expect our electricians to behave nicely with our clients.

This is non-negotiable and we conduct our hiring with this in mind. We do not tolerate any unpleasant conduct. We want you to have the easiest experience and this is a way we make sure that happens.

What Does AFD Electronics Do For You?

While the skill and attitude are up to our seasoned electricians, we deal with the pricing. We make sure you get the best deal possible and come out of this experience happy. Don’t believe us? Call us now to get the best electrician in Mallow.


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