Emergency Electrician In Waterford

You’re in Safe Hands with Emergency Electrician in Waterford

AFD Electrical is dedicated to providing high-quality residential and commercial electrical services. Our Electrician Waterford team are fully qualified tradesmen capable of addressing electrical problems such as power supplies, lighting, heating, fuse boards issues, optimising energy-efficiency, and emergency services as required.

Our electrical services are reliable and are consistently praised by our valued customers with positive reviews and a commitment to customer satisfaction. Our company is fully insured, fully certified and fully qualified electrical contractor based in county Waterford, so you can rest assured that our team meet the highest industry standards in their work. 

For urgent electrical problems, use our Emergency Electrician in Waterford line for prompt service and prompt response times.

If your home or business has suffered an electrical blackout, your circuit breaker is making a buzzing noise, or you can hear electrical popping or detect a burning odour, you’ll need to get in touch with an emergency on-call electrician straight away. 

We proudly support a wide range of customers across Waterford, South Tipperary and South Kilkenny. From basic electrical repairs to emergencies, our qualified electrical team possesses both the right expertise and the right tools to get the job done right.

Emergency Electrician In Waterford - AFD Electrical

Emergency Electrician in Waterford – Quick Response Times

At AFD Electrical, our Emergency Electrician in Waterford will be there for you when an electrical urgency occurs. An unexpected problem in your home can be a nightmare to deal with. For that reason, you want to your emergency electrician to be reliable, trustworthy, and competent. AFD Electrical is proud to have been serving Waterford and the surrounding areas for 15 years. We have built a reputation as an industry leading electrical contractor with a fantastic record when it comes to call out times, customer service, and effectiveness at dealing with all types of electrical emergencies.

We have highly skilled, fully certified electricians ready to respond to your electrical emergencies. These emergencies can range from significant inconveniences—like a power outage—to potentially dangerous situations that can develop into electrical fires, and even electrocution. When situations like this arise, you need fast action, which is why we take special care to ensure our electricians get to you in as little time as possible.

Always Hire a Registered Electrical Contractor

While there are some minor electrical works that are legal for an unqualified person to carry out, many require the attention of a qualified electrical contractor by law. You are not only risking your safety by not calling a registered electrician, but you are also risking potential legal issues, especially if you are a business or public organisation, where public liability becomes a significant factor. Every electrician at AFD Electrical is fully certified and qualified.

Even with the minor jobs that you would be legally allowed to carry out, having the peace of mind knowing your electrical work was undertaken by a qualified and competent registered electrician is worth the cost. We ensure that both our valued customers and AFD Electrical team members are always in safe hands by always sending out Electricians who are registered under the correct bodies throughout Waterford.

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