House Rewiring

House Rewiring Done by The Experts

Electrical rewiring is the process of replacing old, unsafe, damaged, or non-compliant electrical equipment such as cables, fittings, and distribution boards. House rewiring can be a big task, particularly if it’s inhabited, but our electricians have decades of experience and can be trusted to complete partial and full electrical rewires quickly and efficiently. Whether we’re rewiring a single circuit or rewiring the whole house with a new fuse board, we take pride in providing a high-quality service at a fair price. AFD Electrical only employs experienced and qualified electricians who can perform the high-quality work required to ensure the safe installation of new wiring in your home. We have the best service in and around Waterford. Suppose you need to completely redesign your wiring, update your breaker system, add new outlets/switches, upgrade your lighting fixtures, or something relevant. In all these cases, we have the most cost-effective and dependable solutions for you. Reach us out at (051) 349691 to know more about our services. We also provide a 24/7 emergency service for your urgent needs.

House wiring

Early Signs for House Rewiring

If an electrical system has potential problems, it will show some clues. Although it’s not always possible to read all those indications, if you notice any of the warning signs mentioned below, your home will certainly need a partial or full rewire.

• Frequently tripping breakers

• Hot outlets or plugs

• Dimming or flickering lights

• Buzzing sounds from your outlet

• Discolored switch plates

• Sparing Cords

• Loose Outlets

• Burning smell

• Sizzling or buzzing sounds

• Old / deteriorating wiring

• Light bulbs regularly burning out in a socket

• Lighting or power points that only work intermittently

• Electric shock when touching a cord

Our House Rewiring Process & Benefits

There are a few things we ensure while working on the house rewiring jobs. Our first task is to assess the state of your current electrical system and provide you with recommendations so that you can make an educated decision about your future investments. We also double-check that your electrical system is compatible with your power needs. We also ensure that the unit complies with local regulations and obtain permits regularly. Furthermore, we ensure that minimal drywall disruption occurs during operations and that existing infrastructure is not harmed. Once we’ve completed your electrical rewire, we’ll provide you with an Electrical Installation Certificate for your records, and we’ll clean up thoroughly to leave your property as clean and tidy as we found it.

With our professional house rewiring, any electrical problems you might have will be fixed. This includes any additional lighting or outlets you can need. Above all, believing that you and your family are safe will give you peace of mind. Hence, if you’re thinking about electric rewires at your space, contact us at your convenience, and we recommend that you do that without much delay if you notice any signs we discussed above.

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