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Lighting Installs

Installing a light bulb is a piece of cake. How hard could it be, right? Well, have you ever had to install an entire lighting system for a house or a shop? Guess not. But if you do need to get it done, you need a good service that does lighting installs. Luckily for you, we at AFD Electrical are the perfect place for you to get that done!

We Install Lights In Your House

Suppose you just bought a brand new house and need to get the wiring done as well as setting up the lighting. If it is your own house, you might have plans with the lighting setup. If you have a particular type of lighting in mind, we can arrange that for you. 

From designing the wiring system to installing the lighting itself for your house, we can do it all! AFD Electrical has gained quite some popularity for doing a pretty good job at home lighting installations. 

We Install Lights At Shops And Offices

Apart from houses, we also do shops and offices. Our commercial side of services includes covering the lighting system of your workplace or any commercial area. Our team can head over to your premises and do all the installations of lighting and any other electrical service that you may require. 

We Install Lights Literally Anywhere In Ireland 

And as for where our services are available, well, we offer lighting installs all over Ireland. We are mainly based in Waterford, but we operate everywhere in the country. So regardless of whether you live in Dublin, Meath, Cork, Dungarvan, Clonmel, or anywhere else in Ireland, you can expect us to offer our electrical services in your area. 

Our Electricians Know Exactly What They Are Doing 

When you combine skills with experience, you get incredible service. This is exactly how we would describe our electricians to be. They know pretty much exactly what the customers want when they explain their plans for the lighting setups. 

And nearly every single time, we have managed to not only satisfy our clients but also had the privilege of them recommending us to a friend. Hey, if the clients think we are good, who are we to oppose, right? 

Our Prices Are Affordable As Well

No need to worry about prices, as our pricing system is pretty solid. We do not charge anything extra depending on materials and time. We will charge exactly what would be decided on prior to us doing the job. You can expect to not break the bank when you hire AFD Electrical for your lighting setup job. 

Contact Us Today To Install Your Lighting 

So, if you want a company in Ireland that does the best lighting installs, wait no longer and contact us today. We would be happy to help you install your lighting. To have us over, call us on (051)349691 or email us at and enjoy our electrical services!


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