Residential Electrician in Waterford 

Residential Electrician Waterford

Electrical services can be pretty expensive in Ireland, and if you are in Waterford, finding the one that provides the most high-quality service is also tough. If you are looking for a reliable and cost-effective residential electrician in Waterford to do your wiring and servicing, you are in luck! Here at AFD Electrical, we provide electrical systems for homes and residential areas. 

We’ll Install Lights And Sockets

If you live in a house in Waterford, you can hire us to do all of the wiring of your house. We will come over and install your lights along with all the necessary switches and sockets. Offering seamless wiring is our specialty and we are confident in how swiftly we get it done. 

Regardless of whether you are upgrading or building your own home, or simply need rewiring done, we are your best bet in the county. 

Install Fire Alarms In Your Home

Fire alarms are a bit tricky to install and not all companies can do it right. However, we at AFD electrical know exactly how to correctly install your fire alarms and make sure it works efficiently. All our previous clients who have used the ones installed by us have confirmed that even after several months and even years their fire alarm system never malfunctioned. 

Get Your Electric Car Chargers Fixed

The future of automobiles is electric cars. But since this whole technology is still pretty new, the electric car chargers in people’s garages are going out of order at times. Lucky for you, AFD electrical covers repairs and servicing of electric car charging stations. 

Our electricians are proficient in the technology that is used in these chargers, so you know they’ll be in good hands.  

We Do Periodic Inspections 

And to make things even better for you, we provide inspection services from time to time. We will make sure that your wiring remains intact and secure so that you don’t face any issues with it. Rely on us to make sure your home’s electrical system backs you up. 

We Are The Best Electrician Service In Waterford

AFD Electrical takes pride in offering the most well-qualified and experienced electricians, who are extremely skilled in their work. So, far all our customers have praised the efficiency of our employees and have only left positive reviews. Hey, if they are saying we’re good, who are we to object?   

Feel Free To Ask For A Quote 

So, if you are interested in hiring us to be your residential electrician in Waterford, reach out to us right away! You can contact us to receive a free quotation on what kind of wiring you need to be done, and we can discuss further. 

We assure you of the best electrical service for homes in Ireland, especially in Waterford. We provide testing and certification of electrical systems, on top of wiring services. Reach out to us if you have any queries and we would be more than glad to clear up any confusion. 


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