We Provide Industrial Electrician In Waterford

Industrial Electrician Waterford

Dealing with heavy machinery and motors can be daunting. And when it comes to doing the wiring of those giant pieces of equipment, finding the right industrial electrician in Waterford is no easy job. To solve your scarcity of electricians for the task, we have the perfect solution. 

Enter: AFD Electrical. We have a wide range of industry-grade electricians who are well-skilled in setting up and servicing big electrical systems. 

Automation And Control With Machinery 

Nowadays industries revolve around automation and easy control. So, large factories and industries need to integrate devices, machines, as well as, equipment in the manufacturing plants. The prerequisite of industrial automation is secure infrastructure as well as a fully integrated electrical system. 

To make sure the connections between devices and machinery remains intact during industrial operations, we provide our highly skilled electricians to do the wiring. 

Let Us Find Issues And Do Repairs

While maintaining a large manufacturing plant, you will come across a lot of problems and issues with the electrical systems. That is where we come in. Rely on us to analyze, detect and diagnose, and fix the issues that we find. 

Our services include, not only installing electrical systems and doing wiring but also doing any necessary repairs within those systems so that no major accident or unprecedented shutdown occurs. 

Our Electricians Are Highly Qualified 

We can totally vouch for the proficiency of our electricians. We select only the best and most skilled individuals to work in our company and ensure that your heavy machinery is in good hands. These industrial electricians are experienced in working with both older technologies and machinery, as well as, newer devices and equipment. 

We Also Do Residential And Commercial Services

If you need the wiring of your home or your business premises done, we are also your go-to service in Ireland. Whether you are renovating your house and need rewiring done, or if you are starting a new business and need the lighting and socket wired for your shop or outlet, we have got you covered. 

AFD Electrical not only does industrial electrical work but also residential and commercial work, so if you are in need of such services, be our guest! 

We Are The Best In Waterford

We have developed quite a reputation for being the best electrical company in Waterford. All of our previous customers have confirmed that they are quite satisfied with our service. You would be delighted to know that we have worked with various factories and firms for industrial wiring, and they have all been content with our work. 

Contact Us For Industrial Electrician Waterford 

So, if you are in need of an industrial electrician in Waterford, contact us today. We can schedule a call and discuss all the details as soon as possible, and then head over to your place to get the job done. Trust AFD Electrical to install, repair, and take care of your industrial electrical systems with our top-class service!


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